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The Caribbean Sea coastline is home to miles of some of the most stunningly beautiful soft, white sands and clear blue and green waters in Mexico. The best beach in Cancun is Playa Delfines, which is also called El Mirador, or “The Lookout” in English. One of the reasons why the best beach in Cancun is Playa Delfines is due to the fact that there are no structures, hotels, or restaurants built on the beach, which keeps the beach pristine and an ideal place for a relaxing getaway. Read more to learn about this incredible beach that you must visit during your next getaway to stunning Cancun, Mexico.

Traveling to the Best Beach in Cancun: Playa Delfines  

Traveling to Playa Delfines can be done by taking a taxi, uber or hopping on the local bus, but many travelers prefer to drive to Playa Delfines. If you end up driving, you will be pleased to know that parking at the beach doesn’t cost any money, unlike many of the other local beaches in the area. Many tourists and other visitors want to head to the beach without worrying about bringing lounge beach chairs or umbrellas, and the convenience of Playa Delfines is that you can rent all the beach items that you need on site. The public restrooms at Playa Delfines Beach are clean and regularly maintained, which every traveler can appreciate and will only make your beach experience more enjoyable.

Family Friendly

Travelers with young children will be happy to see that Playa Delfines Beach has a playground, which is great when the kids tire of playing in the water and sand so they can go play at the playground instead. An entire day at Playa Delfines Beach will be pleasant as there are shady palapas available to escape the heat. Hungry? Not to fear as there are several local vendors that provide different foods to curb your hunger pains.

The Lookout – El Mirador

The nickname for Playa Delfines Beach is El Mirador or The Lookout due to the breathtaking views that can be seen of the Caribbean Sea along with the Cancun city vistas. One of the reasons the nickname for this beach is The Lookout is because there is a wooden lookout platform where you can go and see “Cancun” spelled out with colorful letters. The “Cancun” letters always make the perfect backdrop for any vacation pictures taken by visitors. The inviting clear waters with just a hint of blue and green that gently splash their waves along the shore are unparalleled in their beauty.

Safety at Playa Delfines Beach

Each day there are lifeguards that are on duty to assist and protect swimmers, so be aware as the waters can be risky and rough at times. You must always make sure you are cautious anytime that you enter the water. Surfers will be very pleased with the waves and tides at this beach because the waves are always consistent and they are generally good sized, which is what surfers want. If you don’t bring your own surfboard with you to the beach, then you should rent one in town before you go to the beach, because there are no surfboard rentals right on the beach.

For the best beach atmosphere in Cancun, you should head to the best beach in Cancun, Playa Delfines. You will not be disappointed!

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