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Parents can avoid toddler meltdown on flights with the helpful tips provided below. Traveling with young children is always a fear for parents, but knowing how to avoid toddler meltdown on flights will have your flight be smooth and painless for other passengers. Are you having nightmares about seeing your child throwing a temper tantrum during your flight? Rest assure as the tips below will help you avoid any unruly scene.

Bring Activities for Children

Probably the most obvious piece of advice for avoiding toddler meltdown on flights, keeping your child entertained may seem impossible due to the short attention span many children have, so you should bring plenty of activities including coloring books, favorite story books, stuffed animal, stickers, and snacks. If you bring at least ten activities, then your child will have plenty of activities to keep them occupied.

Ride-on Luggage for Children

Brands of ride on luggage for children are Kiddee Cases, Trunki, and Skoot Kids are perfect ride on luggage for children that can help avoid a toddler meltdown on flights. You may think that it isn’t worth the cost, but once you arrive at the airport you will be glad you did. The cases are designed for children to wheel their luggage around by them self and this will also keep your child entertained at the airport. There is a strap included, so when your child is tired of pulling the luggage you can easily do so for them.

Comfort is a Must

Comfort is one of the key ways to avoid toddler meltdown on flights. Pack your child a blanket and pillow, so your child can get comfortable on the plane. The blanket and pillow can be your child’s favorites, so they have something they love with them from home, and your child may fall asleep.

Bring Tablet or Portable DVD Player

The thought of placing your child in front of a tablet or portable DVD player isn’t what the majority of parents want to do, but if you bring these devices, then your child can watch a movie and it will keep them entertained for a long period of time. The passengers near you will be happy that your child is occupied and happy. Please note, you should make sure you fully charge the devices beforehand and bring headphones or you could be in for an even worse toddler meltdown on flights than if you hadn’t brought it at all.

Apps or Games on Phone

You can download kid friendly games or apps on your smartphone and let your child play. Make sure you turn the phone on airplane mode before flight.

Bribe with a game and prizes

There isn’t a child in the world that doesn’t love presents (everyone does). You can use this to help you prevent tantrums. You can wrap coloring books, puzzles, stickers, and other activities, then reward your child with a gift. You can reward your child for good behavior and each gift will give them something new to keep them entertained and happy.

Sugar Free Candy Distraction

Parents should bring candy for distraction when the plane is landing or taking off as this can cause pressure in the ears during these times and this can be painful. Have your child suck, then swallow, so the pain can be lessened.

Take Healthy Snacks

Children should have healthy snacks to eat while flying. Healthy snacks like cheese, vegetables, fruits, and crackers are good healthy snacks that last and kids will enjoy while flying.

Talk About Airplane Police

Although this isn’t a trick to scare a child, but a trick that will help a child behave during flying. Explain to your child that the airplane police make sure that children that are not behaving are not permitted to fly. You don’t have to make the story elaborate to scare them, but your child may be afraid to have a tantrum, kick the back of the seat, climb on the seats, and play with the tray.

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