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There is a relatively new adventure park in Cancun called Xenses, where you can get in touch with your senses like you have never experienced before. A fabulous adventure park in Cancun, Xenses is the best place for those looking for an amazing excursion while on vacation in the area. You will be taking part in different activities that are specially designed to wake your senses up and your perceptions will be challenged. Real and imaginary scenarios on water, on land, and in the air will have your imagination running wild. Become a true Xensei when you master the art of adventure.

New Adventure Park in Cancun – Xenses

The new adventoutdoor in Cancun, Xenses will provide you with stimulating and exciting outdoors activities that will occur on the waterfalls, in rivers, caverns, gardens, and other beautiful places. The attractions will occur at the Xensatorium where you will be taken on an ecosystems journey where seeing and hearing each one of the ecosystems (forest, mountains, desert, and jungle) sensations. The Town is a replica of a genuine Mexican town that was built and designed to test balancing. The Bird Flight is a zip lining soaring sky adventure, then the Slip is a waterslide downward where every heart will be pounding and pumping. Relaxation that you have never felt before will occur on the Riverlaxing where floating on a salt river and you won’t be allowed to sink. The Sludgerie is on the mud river where you will splash around and the inner child will be revealed where a waterfall finale will happen. The Xenses in Cancun provides a magical experience and attractions.

Important Things to Bring to Xenses

Xenses is open Monday-Saturday. There are two different time slots in the morning and afternoon for tours each day. There are important things to bring to Xenses, which include wearing a swimsuit underneath your loose clothing that is comfortable, a towel to dry off after you take a shower, and a set of clothing to change into. You should bring biodegradable sunscreen or sunblock and they should contain titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Xenses is always helping to preserve the ecosystem and you can do when you follow the sunscreen and sunblock rule. You should also remember to bring cash or credit cards to purchase any snacks or gifts from Xenses.

Added Extras Provided at Xenses

At Xenses adventure park in Cancun you may work up an appetite, so there is a snack bar that you will find an assortment of snacks. There is no doubt that you will want to remember your Xenses visit, which can be done when you buy gifts at the gift shop. There is showers and lockers provided for you so you can take a shower before you head back into the world and the park also provides free parking for visitors that drive to the park, but if you purchase a Xenses package, then transportation will be provided for you.

When you are vacationing in Cancun you will not want to miss spending the day at the new adventure park in Cancun, Xenses.

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