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2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways. COVID caused us to evaluate how we live, work and interact with others. Like many industries, tourism and travel was affected by COVID. Airlines, resorts, and restaurants are some of the many businesses that had to implement safety measures to keep guests safe. The year has not been without its lessons that we can carry into 2021. Keep reading below to learn 5 Things We Learned About Travel in 2020. We think it will help make travel in the coming year better than ever.

  1. Flexible Travel Policies

    To start with, 2020 taught us that having the ability to cancel or postpone travel plans without expensive fees is super important. Going forward, many resorts and airlines are offering added flexibility when it comes to their travel policies. If you want to be prepared in case travel plans need to change at the last minute, make sure you always select a travel package that allows for changes without added fees. It’ll make travel planning and your vacation time more enjoyable and less stressful no matter what life throws your way.

  2. Sanitation and Hygiene Practices

    We now know how important stringent sanitation and hygiene practices are to ensure good health. It is important to regularly wash your hands with soap and water while traveling and just in general. Also, make sure you stay at resorts that have strict sanitation and cleaning practices in place. It isn’t worth the risk to stay at a dodgy motel where germs and viruses could be lurking. Instead, focus on cleanliness and make sure to incorporate good hygiene into your daily routine whether on the road or at home.

  3. Explore Locally

    A lot of times we focus on distant destinations and expensive trips abroad when there are lots of beautiful places to explore in or nearby our hometowns. Depending on where you live, make sure to get to know the area around you. There may be wonderful hiking trails, lakes, beaches, and rivers worth exploring. Plus, a lot of great places to visit maybe just a short drive away. Road trips are a great way to enjoy all the fun of a getaway, without the expense of plane tickets. Do you own a vacation home or have a timeshare in Mexico? If so, you probably already realize that having a special place to visit that feels like a second home is priceless.

  4. Choose Locations That Aren’t Crowded

    Next, we learned that social distancing is important to prevent and slow the spread of COVID and other viruses. As a result, it is important to be selective when deciding where to travel. To stay safe and still enjoy vacations, you should choose locations and resorts that support social distancing recommendations. For example, the Villa Group Resorts in Mexico made numerous adjustments to make sure guests can safely socially distance themselves in onsite restaurants, at the pool, or in common areas throughout the resorts. This simple practice can help keep you safe and protect others as well.

  5. Virtual Travel – Safe and Fun

    Lastly, virtual travel is a new concept that we got to know in 2020. Many businesses introduced virtual travel experiences when many people were stuck at home during the quarantine. For example, museum tours, international cooking classes, city excursions, and even theme park rides can be possible through a virtual travel experience. When you can’t get out and about in person, it’s a great way to have and enjoy the experience of traveling without the risks. Plus, major events like concerts, sporting events and comedy shows also went virtual to help keep us entertained as we hunker down at home.

2020 has been quite a year and there are lessons we have learned that we can take with us into 2021. We hope you enjoyed our article on 5 Things We Learned About Travel in 2020. When you are ready to get away to sunny Mexico, remember to contact the Villa Group. They have 9 luxury properties in the country’s top destinations. Plus, the Villa Group has received the Safe Travels Stamp which is designated to businesses and locations that have successfully implemented COVID safety practices to keep visitors safe. When you are ready to travel, don’t forget to follow our tips on always practicing good hygiene and social distancing. By tweaking our lifestyles using precautionary measures, we can still live life and enjoy spending time with those we care about.

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