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For decades, thousands of visitors worldwide have made Cancun a top vacation destination. Cancun has been a favorite and popular vacation destination for many tourists due to the numerous breathtaking and beautiful beaches and exciting things to see and do. Would you be interested in learning more information about Cancun, and perhaps learn something about Cancun that you may not have known? Below are the top 5 facts about Cancun and great Cancun activities that you and your family will enjoy.

1 – The Second Largest Reef Worldwide is in Cancun

The second largest reef worldwide is in Cancun, and the Great Barrier Reef that is located in Australia is the first. Cancun is home to over seven hundred miles of vibrant and beautiful reefs that start at the Yucatan Peninsula all the way down to Belize. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, or also known as the Great Maya Reef, is the second largest reef in the world. In fact, the Great Maya Reef is so massive that it reaches as far as to Honduras and Guatemala. The Great Maya Reef is also home to a variety of assorted marine life and sadly, some of the local marine life species are now on the endangered species list. You can find some of the largest fish on Earth close to Contoy Island near Cancun, and the largest fish is the whale shark. Regularly, the whale sharks congregate in the coastal waters of Cancun, and although they are gigantic they are very peaceful. Many tours such as are fun Cancun activities that allow you to jump in the water and swim alongside these gentle giants. It is an incredible experience that you will never find anywhere else on Earth.

2 – The Ancient Mayan Ruins are Located in Cancun

There are many ancient Mayan Ruins that are located in or around the Cancun area. The ancient Mayans were recognized for building large cities and the style of architecture was very complex. Throughout Southern Mexico, many Mayan ruins can be located, and the ruins extend to Northern Central American regions, too.  The Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum ruins outside of Cancun are much more impressive than the Cancun area ruins, but for ease of travel you can enjoy visiting ruins in the center of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. The playground of the ancient Maya is the El Rey Ruins, which is located near the Hilton club where visitors can walk there to see it. The San Miguelito Ruins is another fantastic ruin that should be seen as well. If you are going to visit the new Maya Museum in Cancun, then you can visit the San Miguelito ruins before you get to the museum. Another favorite archaeological site and Cancun activity to enjoy is the Yamil Lu’um, and there are two small temples there that are between 500-700 years old. These two small temples are believed to have been used as watchtowers or lighthouses at one time. The Yamil Lu’um Ruins are located next to the Sheraton Cancun Resort & Towers.

Mayan Ancient Cancun

3 – Nesting Grounds for Sea Turtles in Cancun

During the month of May, each year thousands of migrating sea turtles come to Cancun. The sea turtles come back every year to Cancun so they can lay their eggs in the familiar white sandy beaches. Along the Hotel Zone, several environmental protection agencies have provided protected areas for the sea turtles. Most of the local hotels also protect the sea turtle nests that are on the beaches. During the end of May through September and sometimes in October visitors have the opportunity to participate in the protection efforts for the sea turtle nests, and visitors will get to experience the miracle of seeing the baby turtles hatch from their eggs, then watch as they start their journey towards the Caribbean Sea. This is another Cancun activity that is a must do for all visitors!

4 Small Fishing Village

Originally, Cancun was a small fishing village and didn’t have many residents. During the late 1960’s, a funded project by the government under President Gustavo Ordaz was orchestrated to boost the tourism in Cancun. President Gustavo Ordaz asked the Bank of Mexico for funds so he could promote Cancun as a world class tourist destination thanks to the many fun Cancun activities that can be enjoyed in the region. Distinguished architects and engineers were invited by the government to provide proposals on how they could assist in making Cancun a top tourist destination. In 1970, the development started, and surprisingly Cancun only had three residents living there at that time, but in 2018, there are almost one million residents that call Cancun their home. It is easy to see that this project was very successful for Cancun and Mexico in general.

5 – Largest Mexican Flag Located in Cancun

Did you know that Cancun is home to the largest Mexican flag in the world? The massive Mexican flag flies high and can be seen proudly waving in the Hotel Zone in Cancun. The flag was made with materials that are used for making parachutes. The Mexican flag is over 4,600 square feet and it weighs 507 pounds. In 1988, President Ernesto Zedillo introduced the Mexican flag in a commemorative event. To raise the flag up the 344 pole it takes the assistance and strength of forty soldiers. You will want to make sure you go see the largest Mexican flag in Cancun.

Did you enjoy the 5 facts about Cancun activities in this article? The next time you are visiting Cancun, you will want to make sure you visit the Mayan ruins, coral reefs, hatching of sea turtles, and check out the largest Mexican flag in the world.

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