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Foodies, get ready to delight your senses with this year’s 22nd International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta and around the neighboring areas of Tepic and Riviera Nayarit this November. Various gourmet-driven events with mouth-watering international dishes will be offered throughout this festival which was first launched by Chef Thierry Blouet and Chef Heinz Reize in 1995, with Chef Roland Menetrey joining them in 2000 as honorary founder.

November Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta

The aim of this festival is to showcase the culinary talent within this destination and to bring chefs from around the world. Having the chance to meet the world’s leading chefs, local chefs and cooks have continued to refine and polish culinary standards since the inception of this festival.Gourmet aficionados from all over the globe gather here to enjoy the delicious meals and experiences that are renowned during the Gourmet Festival and indeed, throughout the year at the city’s many fine dining restaurants.

Only six hotels and restaurants joined the festival on its inaugural festival more than 25 years ago. This year, however, the number has increased greatly with twenty-five hotels and restaurants participating. Each year, participating establishments invite celebrity chefs to share their skills for a unique spin on the festival’s cuisines. To date, almost half a million food devotees have been impressed and delighted with the gastronomical delights of five hundred guest celebrity chefs, many with Michelin stars status. The astonishing gourmet dishes offered during the special gourmet event in Puerto Vallarta are all created with precision and A-level skills that festival goers can’t get enough of.

The Gourmet Festival in 2016

The Gourmet Festival will begin on Friday, November 11 and will last until November 20. The event opens with the Grand Gourmet Village, where gourmet festival goers enjoy an array of food samples served at the gourmet kiosks which focus on different culinary regions around the world or on a particular ingredient and so forth. There are also fun workshop sessions to be led by top international chefs where they share knowledge and skills about wine pairings and other topics. The event will close with a majestic seafood feast where gourmet festival goers and food lovers will reminisce the culinary treats enjoyed throughout the most delicious ten days of their life in Puerto Vallarta.

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Brace yourself with this unique dining experience conveniently located in this beautiful destination of Puerto Vallarta. Join this year’s International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta!

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