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It seems like everyone loves tacos, enchiladas, tamales, and Mexican food in general, but another one of the world’s favorite food is pizza. Are you heading to Cancun for a vacation getaway in the near future? If you go and you end up wanting pizza, you can look over our 2019 hot list of the best pizza in Cancun provided below to satisfy cravings.

Pizzeria La Pizzarra

One of our first choices for the best pizza in Cancun is Pizzeria La Pizzarra which can be found at the La Isla Shopping Center. Pizzeria La Pizzarra is known for its delicious pizza and tranquil lagoon views in Cancun. Their pizzas are made with an Italian thin crust style, and they also offer gluten-free pizza, too. Pizza La Pizzarra also offers a variety of pasta, meats, and seafood dishes along with tasty cocktails to please everyone’s taste. While you are at this location, you should look for the chalkboards that are placed around the restaurant because they provide important sports events information and interesting facts.

Rino’s Pizza Time

Rino’s Pizza Time is located near the hotel zone of Cancun. Rino’s Pizza Time specializes in a large variety of pizzas, which include healthy options for vegetarians and vegans, too. The atmosphere is romantic as there is always Italian music being played in the background for diners to enjoy. The pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven, and if you want to change things up, you can try their Penne al Salmon with Vodka that most people love.

Pizzeria Luna Rossa

Pizzeria Luna Rossa is another great choice for the best pizza in Cancun and is located directly in front of the Plaza de Toros Cancun. All of their foods are high-quality and yet reasonably priced, too. Wine connoisseurs will love their expansive wine menu, and the atmosphere is comfortable and romantic with music being played for guests. They also provide daily lunch specials, which is ideal for any lunch date or visitors looking for a quick and affordable meal on the go.

Padrino’s Pizza Express

Padrino’s Pizza Express is perfect for those wanting excellent pizza, but at a price, you can afford. Padrino’s Pizza Express is located near the beach, and their restaurant has a bar style. This is the place you want to go after you have been at the beach all day and need something delicious and quick. They also have a variety of entree dishes that are affordable, too. You can sit at a table outside on the sidewalk so you can watch passers-by, or you can just sit at the interior bar and drink a beer with your pizza. You can’t go wrong.

Le Fate Ristorante Italiano

Le Fate Ristorante Italiano is ideal for a romantic date or a family dinner. This restaurant provides authentic Italian pizza flavors and seafood options that remind true Italians of the motherland. Visitors rave about their four-cheese pizza, but if you are craving pasta you should try their Penne Pasta and Lasagnas as they are both delicious options. Le Fate Ristorante Italiano has a wonderful house Sangria, which goes perfectly with Italian pizza or other main courses.

Mr. Lasana

Mr. Lasana is located in the middle of Cancun. This restaurant isn’t just for people who love lasagna. The restaurant is owned by Italians and it is a cozy restaurant that has an authentic wood fire oven for their pizza. You will think you are in Italy. The Marguerita and Bolognese pizzas are favorite choices by visitors, but if you are wanting an old time favorite with a twist, then you should order the Nutella Calzone. Make sure you leave room for dessert because the Tiramisu and Apple Strudel are a few of the perfect desserts to finish off your meal.

Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & Shop

The Col Bigolo Ristorante Pizzeria & Shop offers authentic Italian pizza and dishes and is located in Puerto Cancun. The décor has a hipster vibe and the service is excellent. The prices are very affordable, and they also have a large wine menu that isn’t expensive either. If you want to eat something besides pizza, you should order the Carbonaro Spaghetti that is homemade.

If you will be vacationing in Cancun in the future, you will want to check out the 2019 hot list of the best pizza in Cancun. You should try to go to as many as you can, then let us know which place served the best pizza in Cancun.

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